February Shop Favorites - 2023


February is a month of deep self love, renewal, and purifying. These are our shop favorites that can assist in building stronger relationships with ourselves and those we love.

Seagrape Apothecary Massage Candles

These massage candles are formulated with body safe & moisturizing ingredients. You can use them as a room candle, to infuse your space with warm ambiance and beautiful scent, and use the melted soy wax, shea butter, and oils as a warm sensual massage oil.
With notes of rose, coffee, and vetiver you're sure to swoon your way right into a very good night with the Sex Magic massage candle and soft and sharp, dark and light, leather and lace notes with the Dark + Sexy massage candle.


We also are big fans of Seagrape Apothecary's Vulva Oil


The Lovers Candle

This candle is made of sculpted wax to form Two Lovers Entwined. Use this candle for love, self love, or release. This candle pairs wonderfully with The Lovers tarot card, which can be pulled from any tarot deck and used as an intentional tool while lighting your candle.

When using The Lovers candle, allow for a space with proper ventilation, a space free of clutter, and away from children and pets.
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Ethereal Visions Tarot: Luna Edition

The Luna Tarot cards visualize those who walk in the realm of night and guide you to interpret the messages given. These cards illuminate and reflect holographic light, and are beautifully drawn in an Art Nouveau approach.

Using the Tarot is an act of love. Allowing a space to connect with ourselves, to learn about ourselves, and to receive messages is all an act of eternal love.
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Helias Essential Oil Room Sprays

Filling a sacred space with an aroma that connects to your soul is a wonderful experience. We are big lovers of the Helias brand because they not only make incredible blends or aromas, but they also believe in natural solutions and ingredients.
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Thank you!

We wish you a February that is filled with radiant and Divine love.


Be sure to take a look at the new and wonderful Guided Love Intention: A Ritual Trance Bath by Leslie herself!


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