Holiday Gift Giving Guide - 2022

We have compiled some of our favorite items for this holiday season! From crystal lovers to bath lovers - we have you covered!


Raise Your Vibration Spell Kit: Ceremonial's newest spell kit. Use to raise your vibration and keep your energy up, your channel open, and your mind clear. Included is a gem essence, a lilac chime candle, a cedar bundle, a small piece of amethyst, matches, a sticker, and a mini disco ball.

Ceremonial Gift card: Gift cards are a wonderful and magical option. (Gift cards are for online or instore purchase and do not work on tarot readings or other services).


Ritual Baths book: Ritual Baths shows you how to use common crystals, herbs, and flowers in your bathtub to achieve inner peace and spiritual wellness.


Roll on Vetiver Body Oil: It smells like the earth after the rain and has a earned the reputation as one of the cleanest smelling vetiver oils in the world.


Aromatherapy Sprays: Aromatherapy sprays are ideal for body, linen, meditation, and personal spaces.


Rose Quartz: Rose quartz opens up the heart and prepares for healing at a cellular level. A wonderful bath crystal that can be taken into water.


Third Ritual Lotion: A natural, vegan, cruelty free, and Vitamin E packed lotion in scents that do not overpower the senses.


Passages Oracle Deck: The spirit of this deck is to empower you to be your own guide by deepening your relationship with trust by forming your own interpretations and trusting them, trusting yourself.


Durable Canvas Divination Bag: Having a place to put your tarot and stone friends is a sacred act. This bag is made of durable textured canvas with vegan leather and an indigo denim lining.


Scrying Glass Moon Sphere: The Moon captured in glass. Use for inspired connection, divination, and gazing.


Lessons From The Empress Tarot Work Book: A tarot workbook for self-care and creative growth. Wonderful for beginner tarot readers as well as for seasoned readers.


Moon Nectar Vision Oil: A topical oil that is applied to the third eye and pulse points. To be used in meditation, tarot, and other ritualistic intention settings.



Crystal Workshop Book: A complete guide to the fundamentals of crystal healing with exquisite photographs of over one hundred crystal specimens.


Pyrite: Aids in cultivating abundance, passion, joy and manifestation. A wonderful companion for the new year.


Brazilian Amethyst: Brazilian Amethyst is known for its beautiful colorations and intuitive powers. Use amethyst to enhance psychic ability, break bad habits, and assist in dream work.


Malachite: Use malachite for confidence when times are changing. The concentric circles in malachite are ‘eyes’ and protective as they repel jealousy.



Yule Oracle: 44 healing messages to align you with the divine wisdom of the year’s darkest night and the joyful celebration associated with the winter holidays.


Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate: Bundle up and sip on this decent drinking chocolate. Made with organic and wildcrafted herbs with a base of raw cacao.


Mirth Ritual Candle: The Mirth "merry" Candle is a seasonal candle used around the Winter Solstice. Each candle contains a tiny green tourmaline at the bottom that is meant to be kept close to you once the candle has burned down to keep your intention alive.


Krampus Candle & Incense: A seasonal scent featuring notes of frankincense, fir, peppermint, and deep spices. Free of chemicals and plastics.

For other holiday gift ideas, please view our holiday collection.

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