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Smoke Natural Perfume

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Product: Our namesake scent is inspired by the fragrant streets and colorful history of our home city, New Orleans.

Notes: A perfect spring day brings notes of vetiver, jasmine, and citrus with each cool breeze.

Ritual: Skip the white turban (or not!) and apply liberally while breathing deeply. Shake out your hips, roll your shoulders, and go forth with the confidence that comes with uplifting and awakening our most authentic self.

Uses: Roll on pulse points of bare skin for a natural, long-lasting perfume for a scent that is intimate and close. Other uses include: deodorant, full body, roll on palms and run palms through your hair for a hair perfume, roll on a wash cloth and run under running bath water to scent your bath, aromatherapy, to enhance your natural skin scent. 

Ingredients: Organic perfumer's alcohol, essential oils and absolutes. 

Size: .5 fl oz / 15ml

For best results store out of direct heat and sunlight.