Carved Cameo Fluorite

Carved Cameo Fluorite

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Fluorite, "The Vaccum”

Fluorite sucks out what clouds your insight. The greens of fluorite work with your heart to align you with your desires. Greens also bring mental focus. The purples set you on the path to your divinity. They both work to clear out the cobwebs cluttering up your pure thought and cleanse your aura. Fluroite helps us to tune into the voices within and beyond the veil.

Assorted colors of fluorite in hues ranging from white, clear, purple, pink, and greens.

Fluorite carved cameo flat stone or cabochon, oval shaped, sized about 2” in diameter 

One will be chosen intuitively for you. 

How to Use Your Cameo

Hold it in your hand, pay a witch for their services, add to an altar or make into a lovely necklace.