Council of the Four Corners

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The Council of the Four Corners Playing Card Deck for Divination was designed to reflect quarterly quadrants in nature. As with all of my work for Dark Days Tarot, I take inspiration from cycles in nature, and this deck is no different.

Quadrant energies present in this deck include:

  • four directions
  • four elements
  • four seasons
  • four lunar phases
  • etc.

Each numbered card is honored and pleased to carry a divine pattern, and each court card carefully frames a respected character with a soul and message of his, her, or their own. 

These cards love to make friends with Tarot and oracle cards in deck collections and even join them in readings. I personally like to use them alongside Tarot cards or on their own when I need, say, advice as opposed to prediction. But I also find they are perfect for all types of card divination.

Many of you have mentioned to me that your ancestors often used playing cards as divination tools. I believe they are coming back into style due to their practicality and gentle messages.


  • Durable heirloom magnetic-closure box with ribbon
  • Guidebook featuring:
    • easy divination instructions
    • interpretations for each card
    • comparisons and connections between playing and Tarot cards
    • spread suggestions
  • Shufflable, touchable card stock and finish
  • Hand drawn images by Wren Jane (McMurdo) Brignac

Great for everyone (who doesn't love playing cards?) but especially ideal for those who:

  • love reading Tarot and Oracle cards
  • prefer riffle shuffling and/or have smaller hands
  • indulge in daily or frequent readings
  • are inspired by numerology and angel numbers
  • those looking to speed up their Tarot card meaning memorization proces

Choose between two colorways:

  • Classic red and black deck (designed for buttery/slippery/traditional shuffling)
  • Pink and blue (limited edition printing!) (designed to feel and shuffle more like Tarot cards)
  • Purchase both decks together for a special price.


Playing cards have been used for divination for as long as Tarot cards have, but they have been so heavily associated with gambling that their divinatory value has largely been lost to modern readers. I aim to put these ancient decks back into the modern user's supply.