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The Mystical Dream Tarot

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This remarkable tarot emerges directly from the mystical realms of dream and vision, manifesting completely fresh imagery. Pregnant with possibilities that shine light upon the hidden and reveal new pathways of understanding, each image—direct from the author’s own dream experiences—is an original offering rich with powerful insights designed to awaken that which is essential for moving forward on our journey of self-discovery.

The stunning deck and accompanying guidebook invite you to discover the wisdom and truth that lie beyond the limited view of waking reality and to draw upon the power of your unconscious—the insight of your psyche—to meet life’s challenges and achieve your goals.

By Janet Pedilato:

Janet Piedilato is a Renaissance woman. Along with being an author, she is an international lecturer, dream analyst, and transpersonal psychologist. Her book Pieda's Tales is a delightful journey into the imagination of childhood. Her Mystical Dream Tarot transcends the ordinary as it invites readers to enter into the dream imagery presented on each card thus allowing readers to access wisdom through their personal experiences. Janet's interests in dream and altered states spreads wide in her writings and journeys to embrace the mysterious realms of tombs and temples on both the physical and the dream landscape. Whether she is leading people through the dream imagery of her Mystical Dream Tarot or leading an altered state of consciousness journey during waking reality tours to ancient sites, Janet invites all to join her in a walk between the worlds investigating the hidden realms of reality. She resides at Temenos, an environmental sanctuary, co-founded with her husband and soul mate, Iggy.