Mercury Rx water made with mercury dimes only at Ceremonial

Mercury Rx Spirit Essence

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When Mercury Rx is Knocking on Your Door

Introducing Mercury Rx Spirit Essence. This magical concoction was brewed under the full moon with the essences of Mercury Dimes, selenite, black tourmaline and singing bowls. Infused with golden Divine sparkling healing light, this potion will help to ease the chaos of the retrograde transit.

Working with Mercury Dimes is a long-time folk practice. Just carrying one Mercury Dime can aid in the navigation of this infamous planetary path. With the protective qualities of silver and the likeness of Mercury, the dime acts as a powerful talisman and its essence is captured in this potent tincture. Not only that but Mercury Dimes are also a big help when it comes to money magic.

Just think about it, these coins are already filtering thru the banks and hands of so many, potently charged with the energetic flow of 💰💵🪙 and it looks like a big ole silver moon! Not only does it help with Mercury but also bringing good fortune, road opening and breaking curses and hexes.

Now go riffle thru your coin purses and see if you have any Mercury dimes!