Color & Flower Tinctures by Moon Nectar Apothecary

Color & Flower Tinctures by Moon Nectar Apothecary

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The stinging nettle flower essence is great for those who have trouble with boundaries, and get overwhelmed by others energy. It can also help with feelings of anger and assisting us in saying no or speaking up for our own needs. Nettle flower also helps us stand in our power and reconnect if feeling alienated, as well as creating fluidity and movement around unresolved trauma.

This elixir can be taken under the tongue in 4 drops or so a few times a day or a dropper full in a glass of water, tea or seltzer. Pairs well with chlorophyll concentrated drops. When you take this in picture it slowly moving down into your heart space, expanding and creating a protective layer as it opens and you feel the energy radiating outward. Practice self-care, and loving oneness as the highest vibration on earth.

INGREDIENTS: Nettle flower essence, distilled grain alcohol, water, stinging nettle, rose water, green vibrational color essence


Blue is excellent in helping release uncried tears and woes of the past to help move us into a state of full self-expression. This is an excellent remedy for those on the stage or who need to speak in front of an audience to open the throat chakra. Blue can help with clear speech, and clarity of thought to help us articulate our point and come to understanding.

Add a dropper full in 3-4 oz of water and gargle in back of throat or hold in mouth for at least 30 seconds moving it around the teeth and throat before swallowing. When taking this in picturing it opening your throat and surrounding you with blue light as it opens your voice and clears the channel between your mind and true self-expression.

INGREDIENTS: Cornflower, Cornflower essence, clove, juniper berry, menthol crystal, distilled grain alcohol, honey, & water


Hibiscus flower essence helps release trapped energy blockages particularly in the root and sacral chakra. This can be related to trauma or memories that get stored and keep us stuck. Hibiscus will promote flow and processing to eliminate fear and anxiety. This can also invite passion and sexual arousal as well as unblocking inspiration and promoting work flow.

This magic Red elixir helps open our root chakra, the root chakra is a dispelling agent as it sends energy out, and releases. This is an area to promote courage and help release fear and worry. This can also be how we feel safe, and protected in our environment. Helping us connect back to earth and our own internal strength to carry on. When we take this elixir in, picturing it entering the blood stream, cleaning out all the meridians and veins, and releasing all of the unwanted toxins and trapped energy down through the feet. Best taken, in water, tea or seltzer in a dropper full amount. Can also be taken under the tongue in around four drops as needed.

INGREDIENTS: Red clover, Hibiscus, Cinnamon, Hibiscus flower essence, cinnamon bark oil, honey, distilled grain alcohol, water.


California poppy is wonderful for strengthening our psychic abilities, intuition, healing emotional wounds to bring forth true self love and appreciation. An incredible support for self-sovereignty and 2nd and 3rd chakra work - Flower essence made by: Lorca Wood

Take 4 four drop on or under tongue or half a dropper full in water every few hours as needed.

Ingredients: Water, Distilled grain alcohol, Orange blossom water, orange peel, California poppy, Brandy, Flower & Color essence