Color Vision Oracle Deck + Book

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The Color Vision Oracle deck was created as a bridge embodying color and light as the true holographic energy of the universe. There is a physiological and psychological effect that color has on the human body persuading our feelings, emotions and decisions through these projected frequencies of light. It can help to portray blockages, emotions and thoughts so we can process, heal and move through pain, or hard decisions. The deck was inspired by color in the natural world bridging the symbolism of nature, the star alignments and the mind-body connection. Symbolism fills our world to give us clues, direction or often synchronistic signs of life, and are an important tool to access and decipher the clues from the universe.

My hope is that this will help you learn more about how you interact with other energies in the world and how to better find common ground, trust your instincts, and master recognizing different energy you are presented with.

This can be used as an aura oracle reading, chakra reading, simple daily two card pulls, single color pull to decide what color to wear for the day or to help emphasize traditional tarot readings. This project was completely self-published and created with the help of my best friend, Ria Leigh of Saint Profanus a visual artist who resides in the southwest.

Comes with custom holographic two-piece box, 80 page booklet in full color, 80 card deck with holographic elements. 35 solid color cards, and 40 multi-sensory descriptors. These come wrapped and the book will arrive in a plastic sleeve to protect it with tissue and custom sticker, perfect for gifting those you love.

*Photos and words by Allison of Moon Nectar Apothecary