Sacred Copal Resin Incense Sticks

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Teomati Incense Sticks

Use copal's white smoke to relax, cleanse, and create sacred space, or as support for your contemplative practice.

"Copal’s resin has a history of therapeutic and medicinal uses, while there are reports that suggest that it was also used as glue. Lore has it that copal’s white smoke helps with headaches and relieves diseases associated with cold and humidity. Given its positive effects on the limbic system, copal oil is used in aromatherapy to treat a number of diseases. In some cases, the resin is used in tea to treat bronchitis and applied locally for coughs and rheumatism." - Teomati.
For more about Copals deep and lush history, follow this link to a wonderful post made by Teomati.

Each stick lasts up to 90 minutes, however you may burn in stages by extinguishing and then relighting.
One package contains 8 top quality incense sticks; handcrafted copal resin from the mountains of Mexico.
Crafted by Teomati

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