Little Darkness Reclaim Journal

Little Darkness Reclaim Journal

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Reclaim Oracle was intended as a bridge between the worlds of mental health and spiritual wellness. Reclaim Journal takes this intention further by holding space for personal expression: it is a truly one-of-a-kind journal for emotional healing through creativity. It's art therapy you can do on your own, in the secret and comfort of your home. This unique journal was inspired by the oracle deck but can be used independently from it, if cards aren't really your thing. 

It includes:

- 10 page illustrated introduction to emotional healing
- How to use the journal
- 100 double-pages to explore a large spectrum of feelings and emotions through writing and visual art (88 double-pages inspired by the deck + 12 blank double-pages to add your own)

On the left page, you will find:

- The name of the emotion/feeling you’ll be working with.
- Three writing prompts to help you connect with your personal experience: “The last time I felt it was” / “The first time I felt it was” / “It feels like
- a Pain Scale
- How often I feel it
- Other feelings it reminds me of
- Color where you feel it in your body

On the right is a blank page where you are invited to describe & express visually what your feeling looks like. You can be as candid or as serious as you wish. You can draw, paint, write, scribble, glue photos, make a collage - anything you want. This is your space and there are no rules.

Book specs:

- 212 pages
- Dimensions: 8x10 in. (20x25 cm)
- Linen Hardcover with debossed details
- Inner pages: 180gsm white offset paper
- Ribbon bookmark
- Printed endpapers
- Suitable for: pencils, brush pens, watercolors, ballpoint & gel pens, oil pastels & crayons, glue sticks.