Evil Eye Shower Steamer by Goddex Apothecary

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Steam Away The Evil Eye

These evil eye shower steamers are formulated to help reduce stress, to clear away negative energy, and to protect oneself from any harmful intention. The perfect option for those who cannot or do not use bath soaks. These steamers are delicately scented with sandalwood and lemon. The Evil Eye is an ancient symbol of protection, and the blue eye is derived from Turkish culture.

How to use: take into the shower with you and place the steamer at the far end of your bath/shower stall so that the steam hits it, but it’s out of direct contact with water. these should last for up to 3 showers. not for use as bath bombs, shower use only.

About the Maker

We love that Goddexx Apothecary creates whimsical items that are filled with love and awareness.  Their products are made with raw materials that are "ethically sourced, ensuring that the history of your product is filled with as much love as you have for it."
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