Room Sprays by Counter Magick

Room Sprays by Counter Magick

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Magickal room sprays are a perfect way to clear and cleanse a space. This is a wonderful option for those who cannot burn or perform smoke cleansings and for a secret way to clear a space.

EMBER For Calming

Fire, spice, and everything nice. A warm and sultry scent for serenity.


Smells like: Cinnamon, neroli and turmeric


Feels like: Golden hour, early autumn taking a mental health day


Supported by: Chamomile and garnet essence

ASTRAL for Dreaming

Your surreal hostess with the mostest- whisking you off to dreamland and encouraging both deep sleep and psychic visioning


Smells like: Cedarwood, fennel, lavender


Feels like: Sweet dreams, soft linens, an uninterrupted REM cycle


Supported by: Mugwort and celestite essence

BANISH for Clearing

Stuck, stale, or old? It's all gotta go. Spray wherever the air needs a deep clean. Shift the vibe and tell the ghosts goodbye


Smells like: Juniper, bergamot, frankincense, and vetiver Feels like: no trespassing, a weight off your shoulders, unsubscribing


Supported by: Sage, rosemary, and selenite essence


Ingredients: Water, vodka, and safe synthetic fragrances

About Counter Magick

Counter Magick is a line of ritual cleaning products created with sustainability, alchemy and intention in mind.
Each product is non-toxic, safe for all of your familiars (family, friends, pets and plants) and is made by a coven of witches in Salem, MA.