Seafoam Blue and Lime Green Taper Candle

Gather - Summer Solstice Taper Candles by Tiny Ritual

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A set of two 8” hand-rolled beeswax candles. Made with Canadian beeswax, non-toxic dyes and a cotton braided wick. Each candle burns for approximately 10 hours.

Gather the energy of the sun right in your home this Summer Solstice! Burning a candle at the Solstice is a great way to give strength to any intention you might be setting. Not only are they beautiful on you table or altar, but they invite the beauty of the fire element celebrated at the Solstice.

As the Sun shines its beauty, grace and strength upon you, may you too feel this vibrancy move through you as set your Solstice intentions!

Each candle is a 2-step hand-poured process, and the result is a set of candles that is entirely unique. These will only be available for the Summer Solstice and are small batch/limited in quantity.

DAPHNE: seafoam/chartreuse

FAE: soft pink/blue

ZINNIA: apricot/fuschia