Erin's Apothecary Ritual Bath Salts

Erin's Apothecary Ritual Bath Salts

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These ritual bath salts are perfect for any ritual or personal bath. Made with specific intent; we have selected Persephone, Hades Helm, and Oracle of Delphi. Each bath salt is delicately scented with corresponding magical ingredients.

Hades Helm/Dark Moon

"Hades Helm of invisibility renders the wearer undetectable, slip into the liminal, retriever your shadow." For secrecy, solitude, shadow work, underworld, introspection, transmutation, rebirth

Salt: Himalayan 

Oil: Cypress, peppermint, rosemary, lavender

Herb: Mint leaves

Crystal: Obsidian

Other: Activated charcoal

Oracle of Delphi

"Add a generous handful of salt to warm water, as the crystals dissolve and herbs skim the surface, what symbols do you see?" For divination, prophecy, light, and music

Salt: Epsom

Oil: Rosemary, orange

Herb: Calendula, chamomile, oatsraw

Crystal: Bloodstone

Other: Single bay leaf


"Goddess of Springtime and the Queen of the Dead." 

Salt: Epsom

Oil: Vanilla, lavender

Herb: Butterfly pea flower, violets

Crystal: Garnet

Other: Pomegranate powder, beet root powder

One jar is equivalent to 1-2 baths, more if you would like. 

From the Maker

"My work is inspired by the ocean, plant kingdom, and lunar phases. Moon Magic reminds me that the cycles that exist in nature can be found within oneself. My mission is to encourage others to indulge in sacred self-care." -Erins Apothecary