Aligning with your Sacred Mystic Rebel - Turn your Triggers into Glimmers, led by Nicki ~ Sunday, February 11th 3pm

Aligning with your Sacred Mystic Rebel - Turn your Triggers into Glimmers, led by Nicki ~ Sunday, February 11th 3pm

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"Traversing the labyrinth of our own psyche..."

Join Nicki for "Aligning with Your Sacred Mystic Rebel: Turn Your Triggers into Glimmers." In this sacred space we will co-create an energetic container, a magic circle, where your vulnerability and authenticity is celebrated. 

We will cultivate a relationship to the sacred mystic rebel, YOUR inner mystic rebel—the part of you that dances to the rhythm of your soul's calling, daring to defy convention. It’s an essential inner aspect to develop in order to come into the fullness of self. It’s an aspect that gives us the courage, the strength and the stamina to be completely true to ourselves, despite all obstacles, all blocks and all outer influences. 

Through archetypal embodiment practices, we will touch into our mysterious inner wisdom.  In this moving, meditational, shamanic journey, we will explore the alchemy of turning challenges into catalysts and reclaiming innate soul gifts.

Going beyond the intellect, beyond the mind, we will begin the process of reprogramming on the unconscious level, guided by the Wise One within—an ally that knows how to transmute darkness into light and forge a path guided by intuition, guided by soul, illuminating the sacred essence of your being. Tuning in to this guidance will help you to navigate the landscape of your triggers and transform them into the glimmers of your soul’s true essence and wisdom. Thus reclaiming your energy for your own personal potential, vision, and resources. 

Going within, to this wordless place, you learn to embrace your unique journey with grace and resilience. This love-aligned rebellion for the sake of the good of ALL, is required to uncover the untapped reservoirs of your own wisdom and strength.

Why do we play small?
Why do we fear being seen?
Why are we afraid of being too much?
Why do we hide the truth of ourselves?

Wild and Wise warrior!!  Let's talk about the unique magic hidden within our triggers, and how they can transform us into sacred, love-aligned warriors. Triggers point the way to the glimmers of inspiration that reveal hints of our soul truth.

When fear and triggering enter our lives, it may seem like an overwhelming challenge. But deep within that fear lies a hidden power, waiting to be unleashed. It's through facing our fears that we tap into our true strength and resilience.  Fear can open a portal within us, connecting us to our inner courage and determination. It ignites a fire that propels us forward, driven by our desire to overcome and grow in authentic ways. Embracing fear as a guide allows us to align with LOVE, as a force in the Universe. This LOVE is the very essence of your being, guiding you on the extraordinary path that is uniquely yours.

Traversing the labyrinth of our own psyche—a winding path fraught with shadows and illuminated by the flames of ancient wisdom, we unravel the sacred codes within, unlocking the dormant powers of the Sacred Mystic Rebel. We become warriors, not in a violent sense, but as protectors of love and harmony.  Sacred Mystic Rebel Warriors.  


Nicki Ojeda (Tatiara) has been a tarot and past life reader for over 35 years. Nicki learned about tarot through her witchcraft and herbal studies as a youngster when she was gifted "The Herbal Tarot" from her mentor. It has been with her ever since. Past life memories and psychic abilities showed up early and claiming those abilities in the face of oppressive religious family doctrines has been a gift in disguise, informing her purpose to help others free themselves from outmoded conditioning, release trauma, and make space for soul truth and hidden gifts to shine forth. Embodying her spiritual path, owning the mystic within and living from that truth is her continuing challenge and mission.


You will meet in The Moon Studio- 6736 Reynolds Street, on the second floor, right across the street from Ceremonial. Please use the outside staircase.

Please wear comfortable clothing because will be sitting on the floor; chairs and pillows are available.

**Masks are not required but welcomed**

Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds for classes and events. You can transfer your spot to a friend or donate it to the community if you are unable to attend. If you need to cancel your spot, please email