Processing Circle with Britt, Saturday March 9th 6pm

Processing Circle with Britt, Saturday March 9th 6pm

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A space to process, be witnessed, in conversation, with community

This is a space for grief and grieving. An opportunity to build resources and resilience, together. In these circles, there will be a structured (yet still fluid and adaptable) conversational container to share the complexities of our emotional lives. Social disconnection and isolation are a major public health challenge in the U.S.A. the only way to move out of isolation is through community.

Each season we will focus on a specific theme that seems to be permeating the collective energetic blueprint.

This gathering will run for about 1.5 hours.

“to witness and be witnessed
in our wholeness
our multitudes
hugging our uncertain edges
allows us to soften
to bring our most fearful parts
from the bottom chambers of our hearts
out of hiding
even if for a moment.”
-Britt Dorazio

About Your Facilitator

Britt Dorazio is a trauma-informed meditation, somatic, and social emotional arts facilitator. She believes that working with languages of the body, the breath, and the arts, in community, has the compassionate power to bring us back home to ourselves, each other, and the land. Learn more about Britt at Sovereign Creative Wellness.

About the space

You will meet in the Moon Studio - 6736 Reynolds Street, on the second floor, right across the street from Ceremonial. Please use the outside staircase.

Please wear comfortable clothing because will be sitting on the floor; chairs and pillows are available.

**Masks are required for our small space**

Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds for classes and events. You can transfer your spot to a friend or donate it to the community if you are unable to attend. If you need to cancel your spot, please email