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Tapping into your Sacred Inner Genius with Vesta and Juno, Sunday, December 11th at 3pm

Tapping into your Sacred Inner Genius with Vesta and Juno, Sunday, December 11th at 3pm

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Join us in The Treehouse on Sunday, December 11th at 3pm for Tapping into your Sacred Inner Genius with Vesta and Juno : An Archetypal Embodiment Workshop with Tatiara!

In this moving, meditational shamanic journey we will encounter and merge the archetypes of the Earth Priestess and the Mystic Inner Genius through the energies of  Vesta and Juno.

Vesta’s energies help us tune in to the sacred flame within, our inner creative fire and safe space, regardless of any whirlwind around us. She brings a soulful grounding, a natural purity, and a new spiritual alignment within the temple that is our body.

Juno has a high, mystical energy. Her energy can help assure that you are aligned with your true genius, true north and creativity, and that your intentions, new actions, and any renewal are authentic to Truth. She helps us see uniquely and can put us in our next right relationship to anything we are committed to.

In this experiential workshop, we will use movement, breath, sound, touch, energetic intention and visualization, to go deep within and tap into a symbolic, mythical mindset. These ancient, yet updated practices help balance the  hidden, inner energies that are sometimes in conflict with each other.

Accessing these primordial energy patterns and consciously weaving them together, allows us to access more of our being and experience a greater holism within. A beautiful and subtle alchemy with great benefit toward moving and transmuting old, stuck energies and embodying our full magickal self.

Archetypal understanding and personal mythic correspondences can provide the means to shift any unconscious patterns, through a better relationship with the Unseen Realm. These are spiritual practices indigenous to your own soul. The unconscious mind is a powerful tool for transformation, healing, and tuning in to our innate spiritual gifts and abilities.
About Your Facilitator: Nicki Ojeda (Tatiara) has been a tarot and past life reader for 35 years. She creates custom essential oil blends and flower essences based on the energies of the reading. She also facilitates Archetypal Embodiment workshops, both online and in-person, helping people have a better relationship to their inner realms, their unique energy, and their special magic. You can find more about her here:  Tarot With Tatiara | Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook | Linktree

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