Teen Witch Camp 2024

Teen Witch Camp is Open for Enrollment!

Meeting on Tuesday July 30th, Thursday August 1st, and Saturday August 3rd from 11AM-3PM.


We are also holding a sponsorship giveaway from June 12th-July 12th.  All are welcome to apply. On July 12th we will pull a random name from the witches' hat and will be in contact from there. Sign Up for the Sponsorship Giveaway Here!

(Please read through the additional informational & FAQ's below)
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A Brief Overview of Camp


-What and who are witches? Learning a brief but potent history and overlook of witches

-Types of witches: From kitchen witch to cosmic witch, there is a place for everyone.

-Ethics and beliefs: Exploring and building a personal ethical witch practice that is kind to the self, to others, and to nature.

-The “Basics”: Sharing some foundational knowledge of the correspondences of colors, days and times, seasons and months, and numbers. 

-The Elements: Learning about the power and magic of Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit

-Altars: Learning all about altars, different kinds and how to build one

-Spells: Learning about spells, types of spells, and how to build spells for oneself

-The Moon: Exploring the different phases of the Moon and their connection to witches

Activities: Building a traveling altar, spell bottle necklaces, and flower crowns

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-Crystals and stones: Learning about some classic crystal and stone allies and how to work with their energy.

-Herbs and flowers: Exploring some foundational herbs and flowers, their magical properties, and how to use them.

-Essences and potions: Learning about essences and tinctures, their purpose, and how to craft them at home.

-Show and tell: Asking our teen witches to bring in any magical item of theirs to share their story, connection, and energy with their item. A way to find connection, validation, and energetic experience.

-Last but not least, Graduation!

Activities: Crystal grids, crystal bracelets, story sharing, and bath tea building.



-What is energy? Learning and sharing what energy is and different perspectives on energy

-Energy centers: Exploring the root chakra through to the third eye chakra

-Auras: What is an aura and what is your personal aura

-Protection, visualization, and intentions: Exploring the main components of an energetic practice

-Signs from the Universe: From feathers to numbers, we will discuss and explore different messages and signs.

-Divination: From Tarot to water divination, we will explore different types and ways to practice divination.

-Symbolism: Learning the importance of symbolism and the energy held within symbols.

-Activities: Meditation, chakra coloring, aura painting, sigil making, oracle card making, and vision boarding.

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FAQs & Additional Information

Age restriction: We emphasize that this event is for teens who are from the ages of 12 - 19. We are strongly emphasizing this age restriction because it is our goal to provide teens with in-depth and age-appropriate information that may not be for little ones. 

Materials & Supplies: All learning and art materials will be provided and are included in the price. Campers are welcome to bring their own journal and items that bring them comfort. On each day there will be a take home craft as well as worksheets.

Food & Beverages: Snacks/lunches are not provided and your teen witch will need to bring their own preferred snacks/lunches. There will be a scheduled snack time/break for each day. We ask that all campers have their own water/preferred beverage and water bottle. 

About the space: The Ceremonial Moon Studio is located across the street from the Ceremonial shop on Reynolds St. in the Point Breeze Neighborhood of Pittsburgh. There is a gate and a flight of stairs leading to the Moon Studio space. We will be sitting on the floor and have chairs and pillows available for use. There may be times when we travel down the flight of stairs and across the street to the shop and times where we may take a short nature walk around the block. 

Schedule & Syllabus: There will be a schedule and a full length syllabus that will be sent directly to the email provided on July 1st which will contain a breakdown of the daily events including drop off time, snack time, and so on. 

Participation Agreement: Upon purchase, you will receive an email with a Teen Witch Camp Participation Agreement. We ask that this be printed out and signed for the first day of camp. We cannot admit any camper into the event without this paper and consent. We will send an email to remind all guardians a week before as well.