A Witch’s Guide to Spellcraft by Althaea Sebastiani

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Introductory Guide to Spellcraft

Through eight lessons aligned to the lunar cycle, you will develop a deeper understanding of the art of spellcraft so you can devise an effective plan of action for your magickal goals. Each week you will dig into a facet of spellcraft mechanics, using a variety of spellcrafting techniques to broaden your experience, enable you to become more innovative with your magick, and to begin seeing stronger results within your magickal practice. You will also cover practical ways to boost efficacy as well as common mistakes to avoid.

As an introductory course, the material herein is designed with the beginner and intermediate witch in mind. However, to get the full benefit, it is advised that you have some familiarity with magick—on both a conceptual and practical level—and with witchcraft, at least on a conceptual level. Neither the basics of magick nor witchcraft will be covered although their distinctions and differences will be discussed.

About the Author

Althaea Sebastiani is a spirit worker, author, spirit-led witch with 25 years’ experience, and dedicated priestess to Divine Twins Who keep her life full and interesting. Her practice is land-based and devotional, focused on being responsive to the spirits of the land wherever her travels take her and doing right by the Gods Who have called her into Their service. When not writing, throwing the bones, or cavorting with Gods and spirits, Althaea spends her time wrangling six half-feral children with her husband, wandering about the West in a tiny traveling house, and living off-grid in the wilderness.

Find her on social media @LadyAlthaea or at www.ladyalthaea.com

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