Angel Aura Quartz Point

Angel Aura Quartz Point

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Angel Aura quartz

also known as “The Beloved Sacred”

Angel aura quartz is an ethereal and angelic stone beholden of all the colors of the rainbow placed upon a Quartz crystal, the healer. 

It connects us to a deeper, more sacred realm. Its message is of peace, love and connection to the sacred divine. A powerful ally in meditation, healing and communication. Quartz itself is an amplifier of healing and light. 
The aura like iridescence color of the stone appears as a gossamer fairy wing dazzling in the light. 

The purpose of this stone is to bring you purity, joy and light. Thus, bringing happiness, positivity and goodness to your life.  The Quartz helps to clear low vibrations and welcome in a sense of clarity and peace of mind. You may also clear and clean your aura with this stone by running it along and then your auric field. 

***This stone has been manipulated in a lab using a process called super heat or irradiation. Which is using a high heat and a light dusting of silver or platinum coating also know as chemical vapor deposition (cvd).
This results in an iridescent finish called AURA, TITANIUM or ANGEL AURA***

How To Use Angel Aura Quartz

Use in a ritual bath, crystal grid or as a clearer. Useful with the heart, throat and crown energy centers. 

Crystal care is important for the longevity and life of your crystals. To learn more about crystal care, please read further on our crystal care page