Bacchus Blend-Zouz Natural Incense Cones, Wine & Patchouli

Bacchus Blend-Zouz Natural Incense Cones, Wine & Patchouli

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Bacchus Blend

A Sensual Earthy Fragrance
Associations Love/ Luck/Lust/Fortune/Action/Earthly Pleasures, Intoxicating, Heavy Resinous Aroma

Ingredients in this Select blend include:
Dragons Blood Resin
Patchouli Leaf
Red Sandalwood
Hibiscus Flower
Red Wine

Suggested Setting: Social Gatherings, Ritual Uses, Evening Doings, Intimate Moments

3"x 3" Box contains 8 hand rolled cones.
Premium Natural Incense Cones Ethically Hand Rolled From Tree Resins, Plants and Wildcrafted Herbs. Non Toxic, No Charcoals or Burning Accelerants Used Ever. Small Batches Handmade in USA. Cones stay lit and burn straight through. Approximate burn time 10-20 minutes.

Crafted by Zouz Natural Incense

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