Chiron Wounds: Keys to Your Soul's Unique Archetype, led by Nicki ~ Sunday, April 28th 3pm

Chiron Wounds: Keys to Your Soul's Unique Archetype, led by Nicki ~ Sunday, April 28th 3pm

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Explore the alchemical process of turning your Chiron wounds into keys that unlock the essence of your soul's purpose

This workshop is a profound, experiential, sacred self-inquiry.
In this moving, meditational, shamanic journey, we will explore, with compassion and a judgement-free zone, the hidden gifts underlying our most vulnerable wounds. We will bring a mystic eye to our inner depths, guided by the healing alchemy of Chiron and the wisdom of Sophia. 

In this immersive encounter, we will explore the alchemical process of turning your Chiron wounds into keys that unlock the essence of your soul's purpose. We will delve into the latent codes of your soul, uncovering its hidden innate wisdom.

Through the archetype of Chiron, The Wounded Healer, we will embrace vulnerability and transmute shame, paving the way for profound inner compassion and radical self-acceptance. We will discover the hidden medicine we have to offer. Medicine, and magic, that lies dormant in the energy of those wounds that we have had the most challenge with (often societal or family shame.) 

With Chironic wisdom and acceptance (dealing with “what is” from an empowered place) we learn to integrate and align our life force with consciousness itself. We create an energetic container for the intrinsic unity and harmony within. We will begin to embody the wisdom that shows us that not everything must be, or can be, healed.

We will work with the raw energetics, rather than needing to know the exact “old stories,” unless that is how it shows up. Intentionally “being with” what shows up, without interpretation and without the mind’s unwinnable games, allows your own connection to Divine Wisdom to meet you exactly as you are, where you are. Thus making way for the Highest Good authenticity that naturally “wants” to shine forth from your being.

Through the guidance of Sophia, we will upgrade our minds' relationship to Divine Mind, tapping into the wisdom that lies dormant within our nervous system. By embodying the energy of the Sophia Wisdom Goddess, we will reclaim another level of our power and release another layer of the old betrayals that have held us back.

Through practices that foster the integration of our chakras with our vagus nerve, we will tap into the soul guidance that resides within our bodies. Tuning in to this connection as a pathway for our inner light, allows us to begin correcting the course of our lives and living into our soul's potential, bringing it into this physical plane, without getting stuck on knowing what “it” is. As if it would be limited by our perceptions of potential or purpose, often ego-driven.  Hint: It’s not always about “how you make your living.”

Embracing ourselves, in an embodied way, as spiritual beings doing what we have to do to navigate this human experience, we perceive profound connections between our needs, and how we innately desire to contribute to the world.

Throughout this inner odyssey, we will face our Chiron wounds with bravery and grace. By seeing them as essential elements in our soul's journey, we mindfully honor the tensions of being human and aligning with our soul purpose - that of gathering wisdom. We will uncover the keys to our soul's unique archetypal expression, the one we came here to hone.

Join us on this sacred journey as we decipher the keys to your soul's unique archetype, and gain an embodied Gnosis of the harmony that exists between your soul and the universe.


Nicki Ojeda (Tatiara) has been a tarot and past life reader for over 35 years. Nicki learned about tarot through her witchcraft and herbal studies as a youngster when she was gifted "The Herbal Tarot" from her mentor. It has been with her ever since. Past life memories and psychic abilities showed up early and claiming those abilities in the face of oppressive religious family doctrines has been a gift in disguise, informing her purpose to help others free themselves from outmoded conditioning, release trauma, and make space for soul truth and hidden gifts to shine forth. Embodying her spiritual path, owning the mystic within and living from that truth is her continuing challenge and mission.


You will meet in The Moon Studio- 6736 Reynolds Street, on the second floor, right across the street from Ceremonial. Please use the outside staircase.

Please wear comfortable clothing because will be sitting on the floor; chairs and pillows are available.

**Masks are not required but welcomed**

Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds for classes and events. You can transfer your spot to a friend or donate it to the community if you are unable to attend. If you need to cancel your spot, please email