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Copper & Crystal Pendulum

Copper & Crystal Pendulum

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This pendulum comes on a 7" chain topped with a complimentary gemstone bead. 

Artist's statement:

The conductivity of the copper helps to amplify the subtle energy. I test every pendulum made to ensure it is reactive and then I cleanse and charge them in the sunshine.

Dowsing with a pendulum is one of the oldest forms of divination. The behavior of a pendulum provides an external physical representation of your inner knowing and instincts. To use a pendulum, hold the bead between your forefinger and thumb of your dominant hand. Hover the tip of the stone about an inch over your other palm, focusing on a question you would like answered. You can say it aloud or just in your head – just be sure to focus hard. It can tap into your subconscious and show you answers to yes or no questions that are within your realm of knowing.

By the Cyprus Cabinet