Crossroads Ritual Candle by Magic Hour

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New Perspectives, Clearing

Use this candle to illuminate a path when at a crossroads. The magic of this traditional candle helps open the way for new perspectives and opportunities where they are not readily seen. Try saying an incantation of "My possibilities are open and clear” when lighting this candle.
Handmade golden yellow soy wax ritual candle infused with Rosemary herb, Cayenne flower essence, and Lemon essential oil, nestled around a charged Hematite gemstone.

How to Use Magic Hour Candles

Upon first lighting, breathe deeply, ground and center yourself. Hold the candle and state your intention or wish. This creates a charge with your personal energy and sends your prayer into the wax. Light the wick and visualize your desires expanding into manifestation! When the candle has completely burned through, remove the gemstone, which is now infused with the energy of your intention, to keep as a talisman or give back to the Earth.
Large size candles have a burn time of approximately 120 hours, contain approximately 16 oz of wax, stand 8.25 inches tall, and 2.38 inches in diameter.

About Ritual Candle Magic

Ritual candle magic is potent, accessible, and effective. By lighting a candle, you are combining the elements of Fire and Air, allowing for those energies to assist you in your workings. Always practice safety first and have your candles lit in well-ventilated spaces that are free of clutter and distractions. Learn more about candle magic with the Ceremonial Witch Tip candle color correspondence guide.