Crystal Rose and Stem

Crystal Rose and Stem

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The rose is an ancient symbol that often represents love, divine feminine, healing, passion, friendship, and mystery. The rose is closely associated with Venus and the goddess Aphrodite.

Crystal Stemmed Roses Available In

Rose Quartz ~ All love starts with self-love. Use rose quartz to enhance self-love, attract the right love, heal from love lost or grow current love. Rose quartz opens up the heart and prepares for healing at a cellular level. 

Lepidolite ~ A stone to bring you balance and tranquility. Imparted with bits of lithium, lepidolite helps to calm anxiety and aid in alleviating depression. Like a scale, lepidolite helps to level us out, manage stress and rest well.

Onyx ~ A stone of protection and balancing. Aids in releasing negative energies. 

Strawberry Quartz ~ This beauty awakens your heart and pulls in your aura allowing you to feel safe and secure. A calming effect, when wearing the stone, it helps to balance emotions thus finding a healthy alignment within. 

Opalite ~ Opalite, or opalescent glass, is milky, translucent, and prismatic in its looks. It brings a sense of wonder and stimulation to anyone looking to expand their creative spiritual senses.

Milky Quartz ~ It all starts with quartz. Use quartz for all needs - brings a high vibration, powerful healing, emits the clearest light. Crystal quartz amplifies the energy of other crystals. Quartz shares the calmest energies with us and helps to manifest our desires.