The Golden Circle Tarot

The Golden Circle Tarot

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The Golden Circle Tarot is a deck inspired by classic Tarot decks and the history of Tarot itself. Every card is a unique hand-cut collage made from found images. I use my intuition for every card from the beginning through the end, in some cases it means deciding to omit or include an element from the original iconography. This also includes a conscious decision to expand representation and intersectionality in my deck.

The Golden Circle Tarot is an excellent choice for anyone, from novices just learning the language of tarot to those seasoned in the mysteries of the cards. My hope is that when you sit down with my deck it inspires you and helps you meditate on the mysteries of the world around you.
A full 78 card deck, featuring hand cut collages.

This tarot deck is based off of the Rider-Waite deck, with my own interpretations of each card expressed through my artistic lens. Collage is an amazing form of expression for me. Firstly, because the act of creation is a form of meditation. Each card is created with intention and magic. Secondly, collage is a form of protest; dismantling images of consumerism and patriarchal standards and recontextualizing them into symbols of power and self-actualization.

About the deck:
• 2.75 x 4.75" cards (70x120mm)
• 350gsm Art Paper
• Housed in a sturdy rigid hinged box with smooth matte laminate finish
• Includes a 40-page guidebook for each deck, with an intro to tarot readings, individual card meanings, and suggested tarot spread.
• Artwork is originally hand-cut collages created in studio in Chicago, IL by Beth            Martini