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Herbal Alchemists Handbook

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An herbal magick grimoire of philtres, elixirs, essential oils, incense, and formulas with dozens of recipes from a trusted author.

Herbs have been used for medicine, magic, and ritual for centuries. The ancient arts of herbal alchemy and herbal magick combine the healing and energizing effects of herbs (roots, leaves, flowers, resins, and essential oils) with the cycles of the natural world—the astrological movement of the stars and planets, and the cycles of the earth’s seasons.

In this easy-to-use compendium of herbs and their energy associations, master herbalist and magick practitioner Karen Harrison offers formulas anyone can use to obtain courage, creativity, lasting health, prosperity, and enhanced psychic and spiritual powers.

Harrison shows how to select herbs based on their astrological associations as well as their medicinal properties. With a materia magica of more than 150 herbs and a multitude of recipes, readers will learn how to blend incense, ceremonial oils, bath salts, herbal amulets, fluid condensers, and herbal philtres and how to use them in meditation, ritual, or energy work.

About Karen:

Karen Charboneau-Harrison has been involved with magick, the psychic arts and occultism since early childhood. Brought up in a household where these philosophies and endeavors were encouraged, she has been using herbal blends medicinally and magickally for decades. Karen obtained her Master of Herbology in 1980 from the Emerson College of Herbology, Montreal.

The proprietress of Moon Magick Alchemical Apothecary since 1978, her blends are used across the nation. She and her husband also own Isis Books, Gifts and Healing Oasis in Denver, Colorado.