Iron Nail - Protection Talisman

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About Iron

Iron is used to prevent and protect against tricky spirits, fae folk and other mischief. It’s a very old metal that is both of the physical and spiritual realms. It is, in essence, ‘as above so below.’

How to Use Iron Nails

They are helpful in magic that works to protect, release negativity, ground, strengthen and heal. I chose not to use them in benevolent ways, but some practices use them to harm.

They can be helpful to nail anything down: a thought, a space, a possession, an idea, a hope. Because of its connection to the spirit world, it can be useful for protection in divination, astral travel, dreaming, and any out of body experience. It helps to connect us but also keep us here.

These beauties are hand forged from India and about 3” long.