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Lord of the Violet Flame Tea // Bee Balm + Anise Hyssop

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With otherworldly, mystical flavour notes of mint, anise and wild oregano this floral blend of native North American prairie botanicals offers the opportunity to enter a relaxed yet focused meditative state.  

Tune in to the gentle and lively spirits of Bee Balm and Anise Hyssop as you call upon the purifying Violet Flame of St. Germain to consume all that stands in your way.  

Infuse 1 pinch of tea in one violet vessel of hot water. Let steep for 2-4 minutes. Strain. Immolate yourself in a liquid violet flame.    

Ingredients: monarda fistulosa flowers (wild bergamot), agastache foeniculum (anise hyssop)

All ingredients in this tea were hand harvested from the regenerative landscape of our farm in southwestern Ontario.

15 g