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Major Arcana: Portraits of Witches in America

Major Arcana: Portraits of Witches in America

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A photo-based exploration of modern-day witches from all over America, beautifully capturing the various ways “witch-ness” belongs to those who claim it.

Based on her critically acclaimed exhibition, Major Arcana collects the work of photographer Frances F. Denny, who traveled around the U.S. photographing and interviewing a diverse group of people who identify as witches.

This book is an exploration of contemporary witchery told through striking photographs and short, inspiring essays written by the “Terry Gross of witches,” Pam Grossman, and the subjects themselves. From occultists and Neo-pagans, to herbalists and Wiccan High Priestesses, Denny’s portraits capture the face of modern American witchcraft and challenge our assumptions about who and what a witch really is.


About Francis: 

Frances F. Denny is a photographer and artist based in New York. Her work explores female selfhood, studying how personal, cultural, and historical influences shape and define the individual. She the author of two books of photography, Major Arcana: Portraits of Witches in America and Let Virtue Be Your Guide.