Mystical Stitches: Embroidery for Personal Empowerment and Magical Embellishment

Mystical Stitches: Embroidery for Personal Empowerment and Magical Embellishment

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Explore personal transformation through the stitching of dreams and intentions

Anything but ordinary, Mystical Stitches combines the beloved and accessible craft of embroidery with a spiritual element, introducing a rich treasury of 200 magical symbols you can use to set an intention and create personal icons to wear or embellish items in the home. Christi Johnson offers unique patterns inspired by botanicals, animals, numbers, the cosmos, earth elements, zodiac signs, and mythical beasts, for novice or well-practiced crafters to combine into talismans with personal meaning. Johnson’s folk art style is vibrant and unintimidating and provides a framework for bringing spiritual elements into physical form.

About the Author

My art combines cosmic visions and botanical beauties, a hypnotic dance of symbols stitched slowly and methodically into fabric. I love learning about plants, alchemy, herbalism, metaphysics, and all the ways we as humans get back in tune with our place in the natural world. 

Our world is brimming with myth and story… my work pulls these stories out of the ether and into stitches on fibers, and through my kits and workshops, you’re invited to join me in the process. 

Bringing meaning back into stitching rejoins embroidery with its original purpose, and reminds us of the deep connection humans have with hand stitching, no matter what culture we’re from.