Navigating Your Personal Underworld with Hekate, led by Nicki ~ Saturday, October 14th 3pm

Navigating Your Personal Underworld with Hekate, led by Nicki ~ Saturday, October 14th 3pm

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Hekate, Queen of the Witches, empowers us to transform our relationship with the unseen realm, including the mysterious realms within us. As she assists us in moving our energies from imbalanced to balanced, we gradually become more real–more true to ourselves in how we live our lives. This is Hekate’s domain, as she will demand your authenticity. And she does it with the highest love. 

In this workshop we will claim and reclaim authentic power.

Navigating your personal underworld is a required skill in any healing, growth, or magickal path. Trust that your body/soul wisdom knows how to release or transmute energies, when you allow it to do what it knows how to do. How will we do this? What is required for this alchemization to take place? We will visit the Underworld. Which, in this case, refers to our unconscious realms. 

The land of our shadow self contains repressed energies that, when integrated, improve our energetic expressions and restore our ability to access our natural gifts and proclivities. A re-unification of Self. Mystical, magickal, and witchy gifts are often repressed due to societal conditioning. No matter how much you have already claimed your inner witch, there is always more to uncover.

Hekate assists in unifying our many layers of consciousness. She can be our Guardian in the Underworld and our Guide along the road of everyday life. She holds the keys to the mysterious realms of the Unseen. As Gatekeeper, she helps us live from our Higher self more and more as we have an ever greater relationship to the Realms of Mystery, both within and beyond us. She helps us to upgrade how we express the archetypes (primordial patterns of meaning and energy) that influence us in unconscious ways. Bringing awareness to how our archetypes are expressed, even if we can’t put it into words, is empowering and balancing. 

Archetypes have their full range of expression, from unbalanced to balanced, from shadow to light, from negative to positive, and in a thousand other ways. These archetypes refer to the higher expressions of Divine Energy, called by many names. They also refer to unconscious motifs that re-appear in dreams, symbols, stories and mythology throughout time, up to and including the present. 

Hekate carries the energy of higher archetypal expression. Though she is often called a Dark Goddess, she is mistress of things hidden. She reveals what is required in order for us to be aligned with our needed truth. And she does it with LOVE. The more we bring her magic into our bodies and consciousness with intention, the more she will rewire and remove any conditioning that doesn’t serve our highest good. The more stagnant energy that we are able to move, set free, or alchemize, the more we start to embody our Truth. This is an alchemical path. The results can be as subtle as a slight breeze, or as sudden as a bolt of lightning. One important key is to refrain from comparing, perfectionism, judging or shaming our progress, and honor ourselves right where we are. Radical self-acceptance.

 Embodying our truth starts by visiting the “basement” of our being, by “freeing” what is “trapped” there. This begins the process of shadow work. Hekate helps us point our energy toward its most positive expression. When we shine the light of consciousness into our psyche’s dark corners, we find that not everything kept hidden in the basement is junk. There are also treasures to be reclaimed. This is your “shadow gold.”

Learning about our hidden selves, with self-compassion, aids us in upgrading our archetypal expressions. Shadow work is imperative. It’s an important part of increasing consciousness, including higher, or different, states of consciousness. Then we can live more authentically from our own unique Light. The archetypal embodiment of Hekate’s energy assists all shadow work practices.

Archetypal embodiment begins with a practical method: We will use breath, movement, sound, visualization, and touch all at the same time, while in a magical, meditative, altered state. This is like a moving, meditational, shamanic journey.         

The journey requires stepping back from yourself and going beyond the mind. This means getting out of your own way, with the intention to go beyond thought. Instead, “feeling in to” a symbolic mind-set, not intellectualizing about “what you know.” Be curious. Be willing to truly feel these archetypal energies as “real.” Allow and let your imagination flow. When you cease controlling and comparing and become immersed in what your spirit wants to share with you, you tap into your inner wisdom that is beyond words, that already KNOWS. Simultaneously, use these practical embodiment techniques to become deeply aware of, and more deeply in to, your own body. 

This is often such a subtle alchemy that it may feel like nothing is happening. Or there may be an energy shift that brings you to tears as the old, stuck energy, often unprocessed emotion, begins to move. This is a path to Gnosis. Knowledge gained by the felt experience of the unknown. This gnosis is what Hekate will gift you with.

*Price includes a bottle of Hekate oil crafted by Nicki*