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Numerology – A Beginner's Guide to the Mystic Significance of Numbers explores everything from karmic and life path numbers, to how to incorporate lucky numbers into everyday life.

Numerology is the study of numbers and their repetition, in order to interpret their relation and relevance to our lives.

Ranging from 0–11, each number has a specific meaning, and by adding up the numbers of a specific date, you will come to a number within that range that can then be interpreted – think predictions of character traits based on birthdays, charts for the weeks, months and years ahead.

With Remington Donovan's accessible, fun and vibrant guidance, Numerology opens your eyes to the importance of numbers in everyday life.

About Remington:

Remington Donovan is a master numerologist and mystic seer, trained in the spiritual wisdom of the ancients. He was quite literally born into the traditions of mysticism, spirituality and meditation, which naturally evolved into his now over 30 years of experience practicing with tarot and numerology. Along with performing thousands of private readings, Remington teaches and speaks all over the world. He hosts The Mystical Artists podcast and leads The Mystical Arts Mystery School. Remington takes great joy in the gift of seeing life’s highest potential through numerology and in using that gift to guide and transform others. Remington lives in Vermont with his wife Jeana and their pet crystals, where he uncharacteristically shows up on time and unironically believes in the infinite possibilities of the universe.