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Obsidian Athame

Obsidian Athame

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"The Sword" 

Cutting away all negativity and anchoring you deeply into the earth.  A powerful protecter and teacher.  Some varities carry milky white flecks (snowflake obsidian), some have a golden flash (golden sheen obsidian), but most are black glassy beauties formed from volcanic lava.  

Its sharp edge acts as a symbol, reminding us that the darkness can be pierced to reveal the pure light of truth. 

Its glassy surface resembles a mirror, like a looking glass, allowing us to peer into what some call an unknowable future with crystal clear clarity.  The great obsidian has many faces and many teachings if only you will draw near and listen. 

An athame is a tool used to cut away negative energy, cast a circle or clear your auric field. 

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