Passages Oracle Deck

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|| Passages Oracle Deck is made for YOU, I and EVERYONE. ||

Passages Oracle Deck is made up of 55 hand illustrated cards. The illustrations are bright, playful and stored in a two-piece box. The name of the deck Passages describes the journey and the process of healing (my healing) that took place while creating it. Each theme (word) + image that make up this deck were co-created by myself and my Spirit Guides. Each card meant to become a guide within your own journey. This is why there is not a companion guide book.

The spirit of this deck is to empower you to be your own guide by deepening your relationship with trust by forming your own interpretations and trusting them, trusting yourself. Though it has taken much time to get here, I am beyond grateful and excited to have finally arrived and share this with you. The idea of this deck came to me through a channeled message from my main Spirit Guide James in the fall of 2017. The intention of this Oracle deck was to create a container, a bridge between you and your intuition, your spiritual council and universe. Passages the Oracle Deck, is a tool for anyone and EVERYONE wanting to deepen their relationship with themselves, their intuition and trust.


The intention of this oracle deck is to create a container, a bridge between you, your intuition, Spirit and the Cosmos. This is why you will not find a guidebook here. What I hope is that this deck will inspire a conversation between you and your intuition. A conversation that will support and empower to trust yourself. Reminding you that YOU are magick and YOU already carry the answers and the wisdom within.

Made in the USA by Liliana Perez

Liliana is a first generation born, colonized xicana indigena whose passion is to provide accessible healing and connection to those in her local community as well as the virtual. After spending the last few years focused on deepening, expanding and healing her relationship with herself, Liliana felt called to guide others on their own healing journey. Liliana’s heart lies in supporting + empowering individuals with the necessary tools to be their own guides and healers. 

Her work is a collaboration with her guides, ancestors, Earth, Sun, Moon + Stars. She combines her intuition as a medium, her knowledge of the Tarot, folk medicine and magic to bring you clarity and guidance. Find her as Hija Que Cura.