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Pink Light

Pink Light

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Open and RECEIVE your blessings.

Pink Light came to me in the middle of the night on a hot Summer evening. I woke suddenly and received this formula, spoken to me over and over until I wrote it down. It would not let me close my eyes until this happened. This remedy has a strong spirit, a strong purpose and it wants to be in your hands so very much.

The Green Elders and Stone People in this formula shore up the holes in our energetics that have been placed there due to harm. They are gentle companions, guides that understand and see who you truly are.

The Guides in this formula say:

You are worthy of blessings. You are worthy of rest. You are worthy of love. You are a divine expression of the Earth.

Pink Light encourages the body and spirit to be open to RECEIVE— To understand the reciprocity of life. To be fully open to the gifts that are your birthright.  To unfurl and blossom.  To understand the truly unlimited possibilities of life.


How do I enjoy this remedy? 7 drops in water, three times daily is what I recommend, however feel free to use your intuition.  You may also apply directly on your skin, add to bathwater, anoint sacred talismans. This remedy makes a great addition your water bottle. Receive a little bit of magic throughout the day.

What are the ingredients? Apple brandy/ purified water/ vibrational essences of Pink Yarrow, Self Heal, Borage, Moss Rose, Rose Quartz, Citrine.


This listing is for a one ounce bottle, created just for you.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Please consult a health care provider before consuming.

Made locally by Alison Garber of Land Spirits.