Psychic Hygiene and Protection for Sensitive Souls led by Nicki ~ Sunday, July 21st 3pm

Psychic Hygiene and Protection for Sensitive Souls led by Nicki ~ Sunday, July 21st 3pm

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As sensitive, magickal, and intuitive souls, our deep connections with others and the world can sometimes lead to emotional or sensory overload. Without proper grounding and protection, we may absorb negative energies from our surroundings, resulting in heavy emotions, fatigue, or worse. 

Psychic hygiene practices clear the aura of accumulated psychic debris and chaos. They keep us wise to what energy is and isn’t “ours.” This is important, as our auras serve as the first line of defense against unwanted energies. But during stressful and challenging times, we may be more vulnerable to feeling powerless, and we may find that our energy is more easily drained.

Cleansing our inner space empowers us to respond to these vexing situations with insight and strength, rather than reacting unconsciously. We can also claim and reclaim our authentic power and restore inner harmony by re-evaluating how we interpret those external energies.

Soul Sanctuary: Protecting Your Spiritual Essence. 

Sensitive people often struggle to separate themselves from others once their energies have mingled. We may even encounter psychic vampires, individuals who unknowingly (and sometimes knowingly!) drain our energy. They may be struggling emotionally, battling inner demons, or trying to fill a void. Often times they are unaware of their impact. For empaths and sensitive souls, establishing and maintaining good boundaries is key for energy protection and balance. 

Setting boundaries can be challenging, however, so limiting the degree to which you allow others into your energetic space is crucial. We will explore the archetypal embodiment techniques that will help you return to your identity, clear of anyone else’s influence.

"Psychic Hygiene and Protection for the Sensitive Soul" is designed to help us discover and tune into our Protector archetype, maintain boundaries, and navigate energetic realms more confidently. This transformative workshop is an energy activation and initiation, a sanctuary for those individuals who tend to absorb the energies around them, and for anyone who wishes to nurture their intrinsic inner light.

Through the ancient, yet updated techniques of archetypal embodiment we will delve into our inner realms, exploring the subtle nuances of our body’s innate wisdom. By tuning in to our mysterious depths, we will strengthen our relationship to soul wisdom and guidance. We will hone our ability to trust our intuition and instincts in warding off negativity. 

Together, we will co-create this sacred space. We will use breath, visualization, movement, tapping and energetic intention to take us beyond the mental plane into our inner symbolic world. We will actively do the energy work, not just intellectualize.

We will also activate the archetype of Soul Strength. A balance of strength and softness that allows us to harness the power of empathy with discernment. Loving and supporting others, while setting–and effectively communicating–our boundaries. Soul Strength creates a strong energetic shield that helps us to practice assertiveness, communicate our needs clearly, and say no when necessary.

By consciously honoring our own boundaries more and more and tuning in to Soul Strength during our interactions with the world outside us, we begin to develop a potent energy body. We begin to more easily maintain our energetic equilibrium, and become more attuned to the positive, magickal energies that surround us. By fortifying our defenses and nurturing our inner light, we create an inner sanctuary that repels negativity and welcomes positivity. 
Let us create that soul sanctuary within ourselves!


Nicki Ojeda (Tatiara) has been a tarot and past life reader for over 35 years. Nicki learned about tarot through her witchcraft and herbal studies as a youngster when she was gifted "The Herbal Tarot" from her mentor. It has been with her ever since. Past life memories and psychic abilities showed up early and claiming those abilities in the face of oppressive religious family doctrines has been a gift in disguise, informing her purpose to help others free themselves from outmoded conditioning, release trauma, and make space for soul truth and hidden gifts to shine forth. Embodying her spiritual path, owning the mystic within and living from that truth is her continuing challenge and mission.


You will meet in The Moon Studio- 6736 Reynolds Street, on the second floor, right across the street from Ceremonial. Please use the outside staircase.

Please wear comfortable clothing because will be sitting on the floor; chairs and pillows are available.

**Masks are not required but welcomed**

Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds for classes and events. You can transfer your spot to a friend or donate it to the community if you are unable to attend. If you need to cancel your spot, please email