Raise Your Vibration Spell Kit - Ceremonial Exclusive

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Meet Raise Your Vibration

Ceremonial’s newest spell kit. If we all raise our vibration, we live in our purpose. If we are living in our purpose, we are in harmony. If we are in harmony, we are in alignment with the Earth. If we are in alignment with the Earth, we can truly heal it. Use to raise your vibration and keep your energy up, your channel open, and your mind clear.

This Kit Includes

1 bottle of Raise Your Vibration gem essence with a dropper crafted with essences of apophyllite, lemurian quartz and amethyst* by Ceremonials creator Leslie McAllister.
1 small piece of amethyst to aid in enhancing your intuition, open you to your dream world and assist in finding your purpose.
1 Lilac colored chime candle for psychic healing and awakening. It will help you align with your purpose. Candle has a 2 hour burn time + please stay safe while burning candles and bundles. Do not leave unattended.
1 bundle of cedar to clear negativity, to protect, and to raise your vibration.
1 multi-use and reusable holographic carrying bag with a zipper to surround you in holographic light.
1 mini disco ball as a protective talisman. Allow the mirrors to reflect off all bad energy keeping you safe.
*Gem essence ingredients: spring water, brandy alcohol, essence of apophyllite, lemurian quartz and amethyst

Your Ritual

Clear and cleanse the space with your cedar bundle.
Take a couple drops of the gem essence under your tongue, drop on the candle or place in your altar chalice.
Set an intention for clarity.
Focus your mind on the intention.
Write the intention on the candle and anoint with oil.
Hold the candle near your heart and recite your intention.
Now light your candle.
Focus on the flame.
Envision your light grounding, your energy raising and your channel clearing.
Surround yourself in beautiful, golden, holographic light.
Carry your amethyst as a talisman and take the drops as needed.
The gem essence may also be used on the skin, your pillowcase, or in your bath.
Say “thank you” and act ‘as if.’
Remember intention + action = manifestation.
Best used during a Waxing or Full Moon on Monday or Thursday at the time of the Moon or Jupiter.


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