Reclaim Oracle

Reclaim Oracle

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Reclaim is a one-of-a-kind oracle deck to use as a companion on your journey to self-discovery and profound healing.

This new self-exploration tool walks you to the heart of the beliefs, emotions and memories hidden within yourself. You can use it to revisit the past, work on a relationship, heal a conflict, find comfort or forgiveness. It can be used to complement a tarot reading, help a friend or inspire your creative work - the applications are endless. It's a wonderful ally for everyday use, to check in with how you feel and hold space for your emotions. It is a deck of reckoning and gentle rebirth.

90 cards: Each card represents an emotion, a feeling or a state of mind. It may sound like a lot of cards, but when we are working with emotions we tap into a wide spectrum of experiences.

Hand-drawn: Every single detail was drawn by hand in black ink and colored digitally. 

Full bodies: Reclaim wants to celebrate the fullness of being and this could not be done without representing bodies of all shapes and sizes. My intention was to reflect the variety and complexity of our personal stories and honor the place where they reside: in our bodies. 


• 90 cards, 3" x 4" 
• Round corners & Black edges
• Printed on 400gsm art paper with matte finish


• Sturdy lid-bottom box to hold the cards and the guidebook
• Matte finish
• Printed on both sides


• Foreword
• Instructions
• Spread ideas 
• Glossary
• Card meanings

 Made by Little Darkness