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Ritual Star Drop Spoon

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Make everyday a ritual with our recycled bronze drop herb keepsake spoon.

Functional decorative hand forged brass and bronze sculptural spoon for use in the kitchen or home apothecary. Perfect companion to serve up your daily dose of powdered adaptogens.

Each spoon is hand crafted.  No two will be exactly alike. Unsealed. Spoon will patina over time. Not recommended for use with reactive ingredients such as vinegar or lemon/lime juice (as they will strip away the natural patina). If you would like to strip away the patina and re shine see care instructions below.

Hand wash with mild soap and a damp soft cloth. Dry immediately.

4.5" (11.43 cm) Long

To clean off patina: simply rub gently with lime/lemon juice and salt, rinse, dry with a soft cloth. Alternately you can use "Barkeepers Friend" or "Bon Ami".

To shine: use fine grade steel wool and rub gently. *will leave very light "scratches" on the metal surface.

by Bright Star & Buffalo

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