Mithras Rustic Beeswax Votive

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Beeswax Votive Candles

These are great for putting inside vessels or on a tin lid (in a pinch). Excellent for outdoor lamps or in you home - also a fine addition to your dinner table or sacred space. These lovely little votives burn for roughly 12 hours and have that same honey-floral beeswax scent.
Available in original yellow or black.
The beeswax is dyed black using a vegetable-based dye that is safe to burn.
Dimensions: approximately 1.8” high x 1.5” wide

Words From the Makers

All of our candles are hand-poured, hand-dripped and finished with care in our candle lair in East Falls, Philadelphia. From our locally-sourced beeswax down to the 100% cotton, square-braid wicks - we use only the highest-quality materials to make each candle a joy to burn.

Mithras Candle was born in Philadelphia from a diverse range of sources including art school, a countercultural upbringing, a passion for nature and nearly two decades of exposure to connections between science, light, health and mysticism at the Light Research Program of Jefferson University 

About Ritual Candle Magic

Ritual candle magic is potent, accessible, and effective. By lighting a candle, you are combining the elements of Fire and Air, allowing for those energies to assist you in your workings. Always practice safety first and have your candles lit in well-ventilated spaces that are free of clutter and distractions. Learn more about candle magic with the Ceremonial Witch Tip candle color correspondence guide.