Snakes for Hair Altar Candles

Snakes for Hair Altar Candles

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About Snakes for Hair Candles

Made with 100% soy wax and lightly-scented with patchouli, absinthe and black currant. Can burn up to 170 hours

Hecate: In Greek mythology, the triple goddess Hecate controls witchcraft, crossroads, the underworld, dreams, and death. Her symbols are keys that unlock the gates between realms. She is connected to all phases of the moon but is typically associated with new moon.

Moon Power/Rebirth: As a creature that sheds its skin, the serpent stands for rebirth and transformation. Full and new moons are an an ideal time to reassess and start fresh but new beginnings can happen whenever we feel ready to enact change.

Lilith: Lilith, otherwise known as the Night Flyer, is the revered and feared goddess of the night in Jewish mythology. Before working with Lilith, it’s advised that you learn her story and powers, as she had many facets not to be taken lightly! She is often invoked for attraction, sex magic and moon magic. She is associated with the waning or dark moon and is best summoned during these phases. She represents the element air and may be conjured for that energy in your practice.

House Bless: This flame is a nod to Hestia, the Greek Goddess of the hearth (otherwise known as Vesta, her Roman equivalent). Her essence is symbolized by fire, while the keys symbolize a doorway to your own divinity and psychic space. Burn for peace, protection and tranquility of home and hearth.

Ascension: “Whatever the religious context, and particular form they may take (Shamanist or initiation rights, mystic ecstasy, dream-vision, heroic legend), ascensions of all kinds, such as climbing mountains or stairs or soaring upwards through the air, always signify that the human condition is being transcended and that higher Cosmic levels are being attained.” - Mircea Eliade

About the Maker

Snakes for Hair altar candles are designed in the traditions of folk magic, astrology and Tarot. A single, hand-cut collage takes many months to complete before going into limited production in a small Brooklyn studio. When you select a candle, you are choosing a work of art and instrument of magic. And it's here to help you realize your mission as a self-creator.
Magic is reciprocal, so light with intention, tap into your highest vibration, and meditate on your wish. And remember-Snakes for Hair loves you

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