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Take Good Care Oracle Deck TESTER DECK

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this deck contains 88 cards, each with a different phrase, meditation, intuitive message, or suggested practice. it can be used as a daily ritual, in times of uncertainty, whenever you’d like to come back to center, do something different, set a new intention, or to remember how magical you always are.

it has been inspired by many years of moving through my own healing processes, collecting tools for reconnection along the way. i like to use these cards by themselves and with tarot or other oracle cards to illuminate deeper meaning & connections.

it comes in a durable box that is a perfect size for carrying it where ever you go.

By Maribeth Helen

I write and create tools for reconnecting with the intuitive centers that help to guide us, that help to shine a bit of light as we traverse our path through this world and find the courage to explore what is self-supporting for each of us. I am here because I have learned that I can't do it alone and it is my greatest intention to remind us all that we don't need to. I have spent nearly a decade learning from the wisdom of the plants which has become the foundation of my work and the channel through which I was first guided back to the wisdom of my own body and intuition. I have always been a writer and as I continue to unfurl on this path, writing has become the most aligned channel for me to teach from, to inspire reflection, healing, and to share my story.

Through my zines, workshops, weekly newsletter, and oracle deck, I offer an invitation to come into deeper self-awareness as a path towards aligned self-healing by reconnecting with our own individual truth and how this truth is an essential thread in the collective web of healing we are weaving, together.