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The Crystal Code

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Learn how to destress, recharge, and heighten your intuition by harnessing the power of crystals in this indispensable modern guide to the basics of ancient, elemental self-care. 

Rose quartz, amethyst, tourmaline, and many other eye-catching crystals have captivated people for centuries—for healing, protection, or divination. Crystal healer Tamara Driessen sees these glittering stones as cosmic technology for navigating today’s hectic world, whether it’s boosting your confidence (Peacock Ore), conquering anxiety (Celestite), finding your center (Amethyst), or even getting over your ex (Kunzite).

In The Crystal Code, she brings her insight and experience to help you harness the earth’s energy to manifest harmony, health, and connection with ourselves on a deeper level. With Driessen as your guide, you’ll learn about 

• Seventy empowering crystals (and where to find them)
• Techniques to detox from social media and tune in to your body 
• Ways to activate your intentions with crystal grids 
• New and full moon rituals 
• Proper crystal care 
• And much more 

Loaded with vivid photographs, The Crystal Code also includes a comprehensive index to the colors and meanings of crystals. And Driessen’s mindful meditations and crystalized self-care rituals will help you follow your intuition, respect your body, and center your priorities.

Whether you’re a modern mystic, a new collector, or just crystal curious, this stylish, down-to-earth book will help you unlock the powers of these mystical stones to quiet your mind, enliven your heart, and transform your life.


About Tamara:

Tamara Driessen is a crystal healer, shamanic practitioner, reiki master, and tarot reader who infuses mystic wisdom into everyday life. She is a contributor to The Numinous magazine, a founding member of the wellness sanctuary Obonjan, and a resident teacher at She’s Lost Control in London, where she teaches highly successful, regularly sold-out crystal workshops. She has been an apprentice shaman in Bali, taught potion-making classes at Topshop’s Oxford Circus flagship store, and guided moonlit meditations in Croatia.