Vetiver Bundle

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Raw dried vetiver roots bundled up to be used in ritual, sacred space cleansing or tool consecration. 

Vetiver is one of the oldest plants on earth. Roots were used in ancient times to ground, heal and center the soul.  We still use and honor vetiver today.  A perfect root to cleanse your aura and raise your vibration prior to ritual or meditation. 

If you love the crisp, fresh, heady scent of Vetiver, this is your bundle. Grown sustainably in Hawai'i. The farm takes the tops of the plant and propagates them in soil engineering for: landslide prevention, erosion control waste water / landfill leachate treatment and more to honor and save our earth. 

A proceed of each bundle is shared with the Meyha Tribe. 

The bundle is 5 inches long

By Vetiver Farms Hawai’i