Your Wise Animal Body Oracle

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We are in an age where are nervous systems are in crisis. The world we live in is relentless, and we're often taking on more than our fair share in order to get by, and make ends meet. 

Our autonomic nervous systems are responsible for so much! Everything from our digestion to our heart rate, breathing, sleep cycles and more. Stress and trauma can place our systems into fight / flight / freeze and fawn - all responses that are natural reactions to threats. When stress becomes chronic, which is something seemingly inescapable in our society, we can get stuck in a combination of these responses, leading to dysregulation, burnout and illness. 

This deck was created as an antidote to nervous system burnout. There are 37 cards with an accompanying guidebook and prompt journal to help you somatically

get in touch with the wisdom of your body so that you may find balance, harmony and ease again. 

~ 37 card oracle deck featuring elemental collage artwork by Devany Amber Wolfe

~ the deck will be standard tarot size 

~ cards will be gilded in gold foil

~ guidebook is 150 pages featuring Wise Body Tasks™, questions + suggestions for journalling, mantras, reading spreads and much more!

~ both deck and guidebook will come in a beautiful two-piece lift box. Highly durable and will wear well over time

~ the deck is also accompanied by a prompt journal to help you keep short and long term nervous system health goals on track