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Tuesday - Saturday 12-6 Sunday 12-4
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6739 Reynolds Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

black star, green snake, purple crescent moon

Ceremonial honors the magic in the mundane. We see possibility in all things and work to celebrate the small beauties of everyday life. We work to create a life of reciprocity, divinity, co-creation with the universe and responsibility. We know that our body is an altar and we have everything we need to make magic. We know that we hold the answers to all we seek. And we also know that sometimes, we get lost. We are here for you.

At Ceremonial you will find sustainably and responsibly sourced crystals, tarot and oracle decks, books, candles, small-batch tinctures, natural sprays, incense, herbal bundles, loose herbs, ritual and altar tools, jewelry, and more. We favor working with small businesses all over North America and Europe as well as incredible local makers in Pittsburgh, PA. We love working with the witchy weirdos of the world.

We also offer magical in person workshops, classes, and readings by local practitioners and facilitators.