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ATTENTION: All readings are VIRTUAL due to the pandemic. There will be no IN-PERSON readings until further notice.
If you have never had a reading, I liken it to spriritual therapy.  It is an open dialogue and a great way to unravel a knot by getting an unbiased point of view.
I am not a medium or psychic but I do listen to my intuition which nudges me during readings.  I best describe myself as a linguist or a translator of the cards which brings you the message that will best align you on your current path.   We can cover just about anything in a reading, however, the cards are best utilized for problem solving, overcoming challenges, relationship blocks and igniting creativity.  
A Spell session is one where we will design a riutal and talk about the craft. We work together to answer your questions around your path as a witch and then I recommend a ritual  implemented to manifest or heal. 
Theme of the Year is a 13 card spread that takes you thru your year month by month. The 13th card is your theme or tone of the year.  We will also discuss your tarot birth card and your tarot card for the year and how you can work with this energy. These readings will only be available for the first month of the year. 
VIRTUAL Readings:
$60 for 30 minute tarot 
$75 for 45 minute tarot 
$60 for Spell Session
*$85 Theme of the Year*
*Available January - February only*