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ATTENTION: All readings are VIRTUAL due to the pandemic. There will be no IN-PERSON readings until further notice.
If you have never had a reading, I compare it to spriritual therapy.  It is an open dialogue and a great way to unravel a knot by getting an unbiased point of view.
I am not a medium or psychic but I do listen to my intuition which nudges me during readings.  I best describe myself as a linguist or a translator of the cards which brings you the messages that will best align you on your current path.   We can cover just about anything in a reading, however, the cards are best utilized for problem solving, overcoming challenges, relationship blocks and igniting creativity.  
A Spell session is where we, you and I, design a ritual for a current situation facing you in your life.  We work together to answer questions around your path as a witch or cosmic lover and then I recommend a ritual implemented to manifest or heal. 
VIRTUAL Readings:
$60 for 30 minute tarot 
$75 for 45 minute tarot 
$60 for Spell Session
*please read below*


The week of your appointment, I will reach out to you to confim facetime, whatsapp or regular call. Please do not be tardy for your reading. We will not extend past your alloted time. This is your sacred hour so please make sure you are near WIFI and not in your car, so we may be offered a clear signal. If you do not show up for your reading you will be charged. I reserve the right to cancel your appointment or refuse service at any time. 

Tarot readings and spell sessions are for self-healing and self-awareness on a spiritual and wellness level. 
I am not a doctor or therapist and therefore am not a replacement for these services. If you feel you may have a serious need or medical condition please reach out to your local emergency provider or consult a physician. 
Resolve Crisis Services can be reached at 1-888-796-8226.
All spiritual readings of any type given in-person or over the phone are meant to be for entertainment purposes only, and in no way constitute legal, financial, medical or other advice. Spiritual readings, whether using Tarot, Astrology, I-Ching, Aura, Mediumship, Numerology, Palmistry or any other vehicle or method is not an exact science and is presented solely for your personal entertainment and enjoyment.