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We love that our customers and supporters are a curious bunch with many questions! We hope that this answers some of your questions, if not please give us a call or email.

Where do you get your crystals?  

We mainly source from a local crystal shop here in Pittsburgh.  Ceremonial likes to support small, family owned businesses in every way possible. 

A note from the vendor: "We deal directly with miners, and smaller, family owned operations in various countries abroad and across the USA and because of these relationships, we can offer wholesale prices to all our customers and guests. Many times, the mining projects we work with are also village projects that help sustain the local community. We do our best to ensure that the products we offer are sourced ethically and responsibly." Many of the crystals, shops sell, come from the excess junk pile of mining as we have come to understand it. 

At Ceremonial, the care and repect we have with our crystals friends is honored in all ways.  When stones come to us we clear and cleanse them thouroghly.  If called for, our broken stones will be re-earthed by being buryed in the earth or offered to lakes, rivers and oceans. Any excess "crystal dust" is continued for use in spell work, candles, baths, etc. 

Where do you get your smoke bundles?

For the last five years, Ceremonial has worked with a woman owned company in Taos, NM.

A note from the vendor: "Our plants are grown and harvested by Native Americans and members of the Taos Pueblo.  We honor the plant kingdom by harvesting at appropriate times and in an ancient ceremonial way with gratitude and intention. We harvest in a non-destructive manner so that our donor plants continue to live and reproduce naturally. 

We are a GREEN business, we practice sustainable harvesting practices.  Our products are packaged with biodegradable, recycled paper. Our shipping boxes are recycled from community businesses in New Mexico.  Are products are Made in the USA."

As Ceremonial continues forward, heart will be taken to what bundles will be sold instore.  Consideration with what is appropriate, what is cross cultural, and fair and sustainable for all.  A focus on lavendar, euclayptus, rosemary, frankincese and cinammon will be more readily available. We will be moving away from offering cedar, sweetgrass, desert sage and copal. 

Wow! Some of your prices are high.  Why is that?

We work with small hard-working people across the USA, Canada and abroad.  These are people who are making a wage living their dream.  Each items selected are handmade, heartfelt, and require time. We believe in paying fair prices and wages for & to artists and small businesses who put so much dedication and time into their work. 

It is a complete honor to make a space for Black owned, Women owned, Queer owned, dream chasing makers who get to live their purpose.  And so, in order to bring that to you demands money.  These makers are using quality products to bring special goods to your hands and your magic. It is an investment at times, but well spent in the long run. 

Did you change your name?

Yes! Formerly Juju, now Ceremonial, same store, same owner, same energy.  The name was changed to honor the cultural appropriativeness of the word "juju."  Being a West African word as a white shop owner, it did not feel fair, just or right.  Leslie named her cat Juju 17 years ago and what was then is no longer now.  Respect and attention needed to be paid and so, in October 2020, the name was changed to Ceremonial.

I hear you give discounted readings to BIPOC folx!

Yup, it's true. Leslie does discount tarot readings or spell sessions for our non-white community.  To set up your reading please email ceremonialpgh@gmail.com or book via the website. Please mention you are a Black or Brown friend so the invoice can be updated. This is a part of the continued reparations offered by Ceremonial. 

What is you return policy?

We are a small, small business and do not accept returns for any reason instore or online. If your item is damaged or broken please reach out and we will do our best to make you happy!

My package says “DELIVERED” but it isn’t here. Now what? 

We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages.

There have been so many stolen packages from front porches lately. If this is common in your area we recommend delivering it to your office or other safe location if possible.

If your tracking number says delivered and you still don’t have your package here’s what we know: sometimes it will be marked delivered and then attempt to deliver on the next business day. 

However, if it’s been a few days or a week you should contact your post office immediately to file a claim for lost package. 

How do you care for the Earth?

At Ceremonial we do what we can to reduce our footprint. By re-earthing minerals, reusing packaging and recycling packaging where needed.  We have a tree in front of the shop that we often hug and snuggle and thank for its strong roots and constant protection. We have many funny familiars that love to come thru our doors and roost from squirrels, to bats, birds, moths, queen bees, dragonflys and neighborhoods cats - we are a four legged, winged, whisker friendly space. 

I cant find a tarot spot, are you booked? 

Yup! If you can't find availability on the booking site, Leslie is booked.  Leslie doen't do a cancellaton list, but keep your eyes out on Instagram for announcemnets on cancellations.  They are first come, first serve. 

When are you going to have classes? 

Classes are back! Check THE MOON STUDIO page here for upcoming classes and gatherings.  Have a question for The Moon Studio or would like to teach? Email us at ceremonialtreehouse@gmail.com

Do you do parties & events?

We would love to come and be a part of your special event, take a look here or please reach out to ceremonialtreehouse@gmail.com 

Can you recommend a reader?

Yes! Leslie is currently compiling a list of readers, healers and light workers.  Ceremonial Coven will soon be up and running. Be sure to check back or send us an email with any questions.